• Secured Medium Term Note
  • SGD
Offering Completed: July 2024
  • Loan Quantum: SGD 900,000
  • Tenor: 364 days
  • Gross Returns (p.a.): 10.00%
  • Minimum Investment: SGD 10,000

Investment Details

About the Issuer

​​Muscat Precious Metals Refining Company LLC (registration number: 1455743, “MPMR”) was incorporated in the Sultanate of Oman on 6 November 2022, and operates a precious metal refinery in Oman. MPMR is currently the only licensed refinery in Oman and it can refine up to 50 kilograms of gold per day. MPMR sources raw materials in the form of scrap jewellery from countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council and has signed an off-take agreement with a Tanzanian mine.

The secured medium term notes issued by MPMR are secured by way of first fixed charge over gold-backed tokens owned by MPMR, where each gold-backed token represents a trust unit of a trust issuance vehicle Muscat Precious Metal Trust (“Gold Token”). Each series of the medium term notes issued by MPMR will be secured by Gold Tokens representing not less than 100% of the face value of the issuance amount. The number of Gold Tokens required to secure each series will be determined by the LBMA Gold Price (AM, USD)on the date 2 Business Days before the Issue Date.

Each Gold Token holds an economical value equivalent to one troy ounce of Gold Bullion held by the Trust Issuance Vehicle. The gold bullion, with Pure Weight of 99.99% fineness (the “Gold Bullion”) will be stored in private, maximum-security vaults (each a “Vault”) in global locations by Loomis International (SG) Pte. Ltd., which may include but is not limited to Le Freeport – Singapore. The Gold Bullion will be stored on a segregated basis and will not be comingled with any other gold stored in each Vault.​

Source: https://www.lbma.org.uk/prices-and-data/precious-metal-prices

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