Family Office Services

We provide bespoke services to support the diverse needs of family offices

Tailored Solutions

Our team possesses a wealth of experience in collaborating with family offices to attain their investment objectives. We specialise in formulating solutions that fundamentally align with their core priorities and values, thereby safeguarding the family’s wealth and legacy over the long term.

Art Financing

Capture an important source of liquidity while the art stays on your wall. We can help expand your collection, fund new projects and achieve further financial goals.

Aircraft and Yacht Leasing

Structure and manage the ownership, use and rental of your physical assets such as aircrafts and yachts with our proprietary relationships. We can help structure the right solution or even construction, to fit your family's needs.

Collateralised Crypto Lending

We work with the global leader to provide lending and repo solutions against crypto assets.

Margin Loans and
Portfolio Financing

We provide solutions alongside our banking partners and networks for illiquid stocks, concentrated positions and portfolio lending.

Co-Investments and Secondaries

Through our deep GP/LP networks, we can help you sit on the cap table alongside other family offices, institutional investors and sovereign wealth funds. You will be privy to select secondaries.

Managed Accounts

We work with family offices to construct bespoke portfolios with independent CIO oversight and managed accounts with blue-chip asset managers tailored to your family’s investment horizon.

Block Trades and
Private Placements

Our extensive network of broker dealers can assist with block trades and private placements from private markets to listed large caps.

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