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Art isn’t just a passion. Why invest in art?

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Potential Returns

Art has the potential to deliver exciting returns, with carefully curated collections of artworks having demonstrated consistent, significant outperformance of the S&P 500 over the past 20 years and proven resilient in economic crises.


The value of art has historically been uncorrelated with other asset classes, making it an attractive asset to diversify your portfolio.

Tangible Value

Unlike stocks or bonds, art offers tangible value that can be enjoyed while potentially storing and increasing in value.

Passion Investing

Investing in art supports cultural preservation and contributes to the arts community, enriching lives beyond financial gain.

Make Smart Investments with Data Backed Analysis and Expert Leaders of The Art World

Domain Expertise
Art Data & Technology

Elizabeth von Habsburg

Managing Director, Winston Art Group Hover your mouse to view profile

Nanne Dekking

Founder and CEO, Artory Hover your mouse to view profile

The Artory/Winston team has a decades-long track record of sourcing artworks for museums, institutions, and UHNW clients— including some of the largest private and public art transactions over the past 20+ years. Sourcing for this offering is led by Winston Art Group, which has appraised over $100 billion of art and collectibles since its inception in 2010 and advises on transactions for over 30% of the largest art collectors in the world. Winston’s expertise is supplemented by Artory’s industry-leading dataset of over 50 million historical transactions to inform sourcing, valuation, artist tracking, and market indices.

Global Leading Independent Art Appraisal and Advisory Firm

Founded by Elizabeth von Habsburg, Ranked ‘The 50 Most Influential Women in Wealth Management’ in 2015.

13 full-time, in-house art specialists and 75 consultants worldwide, each with over 10 years of experience in their field.

Specialised in confidential and objective appraisal services, independent of any auction house or dealer.

Appraises over 150,000 objects annually across every collecting category experience in their field.

Unlocking Art & Collectibles As a Credible Asset Class

Founded by Nanne Dekking, former Vice Chairman and Worldwide Head of Private Sales of Sotheby’s.

Artory owns, maintains, and develops the largest art transaction database globally, with over 45 million data points collected since 1985. Artory’s data is a core dataset for the annual UBS Art Basel Report, which is regarded as the bible of the industry.

As further validation, Artory is backed by angel investor Hasso Plattner Capital and the VC firm Borderless Capital, who all deeply believe in data-driven science to accurately predict trends and decision-making.

Why Invest in Art? Expert-Led, Exceptional Domain Expertise & Data-Driven

We partner with the best in the art market.
Through their deep domain expertise, Artory/Winston provides accessibility to credible opportunities that are expert-led, data-driven and without the risk associated with allocating significant funds to one, single artwork.
Single Art InvestmentArtory/Winston
Barriers to EntryHighLow
Portfolio ConstructionOneCluster
Expert Domain ExpertiseLimitedDeep
Transaction FeesHighLow
AuthenticationExpensive to AppraiseDue Diligence Completed
Market PricingDriven by SellerData Driven Approach

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