Stewarding Impactful ESG Innovations to the Next Level


The Launchpad enables and empowers companies to scale up their businesses with resources, advisory and financing services. 

The Necessity for a Net Zero Future

The World Economic Forum highlighted that $50 trillion in incremental investments is required by 2050 to transition the global economy away from a climate catastrophe.

As more startups and companies enter the ESG market to bring these environmental solutions to address our global challenge, the ecosystem must be developed in a way that enables them to grow to their fullest potential.

Limitless Possibilities to Business Sustainability

Liquid Cooling for Data Centers to Improve Efficiency

Kelp Farming for Carbon Removal

Carbon Farming for Pollinators

Innovative Upcycling of
Waste Materials

Key Efforts to Transition to Net Zero*

Financing the Transition to a Net Zero Future: World Economic Forum & Oliver Wyman, Oct 2021

Push forward transformative business models

Improve the risk-return profile of breakthrough decarbonization projects

Coalesce a multistakeholder ecosystem for collective action

Establish clear pathways, standards and mandates globally

Building an Enabling Ecosystem for the Transition to a Net Zero Future

To address these key efforts, SDAX and the government’s lead R&D agency came together to create this Launchpad program to provide resources, expertise and funding to bring the most impactful ESG solutions to market and scale.

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Introducing the SDAX Launchpad

The SDAX Launchpad is a program by SDAX where startups and companies with great ideas that contribute to improving the environment will receive resources, expert advisory (gap funding) and onward financing to develop and scale up their solutions to market.

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We adopt the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) framework to ascertain the maturity level of your technology, and offer relevant support at different levels of the scale.

Bring your ESG Solution to Market

Tap on our R&D and financing expertise


Research agency provides:

  • Manpower, consumables, technologies, for e.g. in carbon capture solutions, advanced material, machine learning and computational modelling capabilities, state of the art characterization facilities to translate tech into solutions within the ecosystem
  • Bringing ecosystem partners/agencies to testbed solutions
  • Licensing of Intellectual Property
  • Support investment activities for financing ESG assets


SDAX provides sustainable investment advisory which includes:

  • Building of business cases for ESG assets and investments
  • Design and implement sustainability risk assessment and management to drive value across the whole value chain
  • Establishing thought leadership and increasing ESG brand awareness
  • Strategic partnerships, linking innovators in the ecosystem
  • Creating ESG value:
    • Life Cycle Assessment
    • ESG Due Diligence
    • Steward leadership


Anchor investors:
Sustainable investment platform


SDAX also provides support to Finance the Transition phase through: 

  • Credit due diligence
  • Valuation
  • Deal structure