Asset Fractionalization Singapore

SDAX Partners with Inveniam to Bring Scalable Valuations & Liquidity across the Private Investment Markets

  • Using blockchain technology, the FinTech company backed by Apex Group will work with SDAX to enhance liquidity of private market assets for investors globally

Singapore, 1 March 2023 – SDAX, a private markets investment and trading platform based in Singapore, announced a partnership with Inveniam Capital Partners, Inc., a leading financial technology company.  Inveniam’s proprietary platform leverages blockchain technology to create a credentialed data layer giving private market asset data greater transparency. This enables permissioned third parties to access a click-through audit trail leading to source documents.  SDAX seeks to build a globally interconnected network of private market assets underpinned by data accessibility that increases liquidity for investors. SDAX will look to utilize Inveniam’s Valuation as a Service (VaaS) feature and data operating system which enables third party appraisers to deliver digitally credentialed, higher-functioning private asset data for more consistent, fully auditable valuations.


As investors increasingly diversify into private market assets they are seeking enhanced liquidity that is comparable to public markets. SDAX will leverage Inveniam’s solutions  to deliver the data access, transparency, and trust needed to accurately value and price historically illiquid assets, with the goal of making trading of private market assets possible in a liquid global  marketplace.


The traditional valuation of  real estate, private equity, infrastructure, and private credit assets involved an opaque and time-consuming process that impedes liquidity for investors. The use of blockchain and artificial intelligence increases trust in the underlying data and provides a fully auditable data trail for permissioned users without the need for asset owners to relinquish control of their own data.


SDAX operates a blockchain-powered digital exchange that provides access to private market digital securities and enables its investors to participate in its trading in a secondary market. Using blockchain technology, the digital securities exist in tokenized form and allow for fractionalized ownership, making them accessible to investors in smaller minimum investment amounts. SDAX focuses on institutional-grade real estate and environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related investments, and is backed by strategic shareholders such as ESR (APAC’s largest real asset manager), PSA (global port operator and supply chain integrator) – a Temasek Company, Straits Trading and RHT Group.


The partnership with Inveniam will leverage an interconnected global ecosystem of high quality valuation data and bring greater accuracy, transparency and efficiency of private market digital securities – ultimately enhancing the liquidity of private market assets for SDAX’s investors.



About Inveniam:

Inveniam is a fintech company, with offices in New York City and Novi, MI. Founded in 2017, Inveniam has built, the data operating system for delivering access, transparency, and trust in the value and performance of private market assets. utilizes big data, AI and blockchain technology to provide not only surety of data, but also high-functioning use of that data in a distributed data ecosystem. Through Inveniam’s data operating system, users can obtain real-time pricing of private, infrequently traded assets, accelerate diligence, accurately price assets, and identify buyers for those assets. Inveniam’s platform credentials data to commute trust throughout the global financial system. Inveniam holds numerous patents pertaining to the ingestion of data into smart contracts.