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Hyperledger Foundation Welcomes Seven New Members

Set to Look Ahead to 2024 with Online Event Celebrating 8th Anniversary, Highlighting Market Evolution


SAN FRANCISCO (December 14, 2023) – Today, Hyperledger Foundation, the open, global ecosystem for enterprise-grade blockchain technologies, announced seven new members, Adhara, Digital Currency Forum, Launchnodes, Pairpoint, SDAX, SEIYAJ TECH and Web3 Labs. They join as Hyperledger Foundation gears up to celebrate its 8th anniversary with an event focused on the evolution of the enterprise blockchain market. In certain cultures, the number 8 represents prosperity, success and status, making this a key milestone to mark for Hyperledger Foundation and its community. 


The webinar, slated for January 31, will include leaders from across the community reflecting on the journey from promising tech to core infrastructure and sharing what excites them about what comes next. Topics will include the current and future state of the market, including the growing Hyperledger Besu ecosystem that many of these new members are enhancing. The discussion will also highlight work underway in Hyperledger Labs, the innovation pipeline for this community, and new labs, such as Open Enterprise Agent, a suite of decentralized identity tools contributed by Input Output Global (IOG), and Harmonia, a connectivity initiative specifically tailored to regulated financial and blockchain networks spearheaded by R3 and Adhara.   


In its second brand report, Hyperledger Foundation has again teamed with Linux Foundation Research for a qualitative and qualitative look at the Hyperledger brand and opportunities in the enterprise blockchain market. The research revealed sustained enterprise adoption and development rates that show blockchain is becoming an established core technology. A new “Hyperledger in Action” ebook compiled by the Hyperledger Supply Chain and Trade Finance Special Interest Group puts a finer point on that finding with details on more than a dozen deployments with demonstrable business benefits. 


Fueling further adoption, Hyperledger Foundation also announced that Spydra has completed the requirements to become the newest Hyperledger Certified Service Provider (HCSP). There is now a total of 18 HCSPs that have the documented expertise to provide support, consulting, professional services and training for enterprise deployments of Hyperledger technology.


“We are gearing up to celebrate our prosperous 8th anniversary, and, as our new members show, the market for enterprise blockchain technologies is only getting more diverse and interesting,” said Daniela Barbosa, Executive Director, Hyperledger Foundation, and General Manager, Blockchain and Identity, at the Linux Foundation. “Our projects are powering production deployments across industries and around the world while our labs are fostering the next wave of tools that will drive interoperability, tooling, performance and a host of future applications we haven’t conceived of yet. We are just starting up the innovation curve on so many fronts, including tokenisation, digital identity, climate solutions and CBDCs.”


Through support from its members, Hyperledger Foundation fosters the development and deployment of enterprise-grade, industry-specific applications, services and solutions built on open source enterprise blockchain and related technologies. Companies joining the General Member community are Adhara, Launchnodes, Pairpoint, SDAX, SEIYAJ TECH and Web3 Labs.


Hyperledger Foundation supports a premier global open source blockchain community that values the contributions and participation from various entities. As such, pre-approved non-profits, open source projects and government entities can join Hyperledger Foundation at no cost as associate members. Associate members joining this month include Digital Currency Forum.


New General Member quotes:



“We are very excited to join the Hyperledger Foundation,” said Peter Munnings, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Office at Adhara. “We have been very involved through Harmonia, a Hyperledger lab, and have been very close to the Hyperledger Besu team. The Hyperledger Foundation has provided a professional framework and housed some exceptional products. We are very pleased to join a growing number of companies advancing the Digital Asset ecosystem and look forward to continuing to contribute to the Hyperledger Foundation.” 



“We look forward to joining Hyperledger Foundation as we also care a great deal about making and using useful open-source software. The Ethereum ecosystem is completely dependent on open source as a model and a mindset, and the foundation sits at the heart of that mindset and model,” said Jaydeep Korde, CEO of Launchnodes. “As a business that is exclusively focused on blockchain-based nodes and enabling clients to run nodes on their infrastructure and not our platform, we believe that Hyperledger Besu will continue to play an important role in allowing large organisations and governments to use the blockchain meaningfully to share and distribute data. Private blockchains built using Hyperledger Besu can support legal frameworks that allow governments and large organisations to use blockchain for complex data distribution and asset tokenisation use cases.”



“There are forecasted to be over 8 billion mobile phones and 30 billion IoT devices in operation by 2030, and our Pairpoint DAB protocol aims to join the worlds of cellular technology and IoT with blockchain to power a new economy of things,” said David Palmer, Chief Product Officer at Pairpoint. “We are so pleased to join the Hyperledger Foundation to continue this project and build the biggest ecosystem of IoT devices on chain in the world.”



“We are excited to be part of the vast and forward-thinking Hyperledger Foundation community,” said Steven Yeo, Chief Technology Officer, SDAX. “Rising demand in tokenised, asset-backed investments further highlights the need for trust technologies, and SDAX looks forward to pushing the boundaries of blockchain with like-minded organisations.”



“Joining the Hyperledger Foundation is a pivotal step for SEIYAJ TECH on our journey to revolutionize industries through blockchain technology,” said Mr. Hussein Al Khars, Co-founder and CEO of SEIYAJ TECH. “By collaborating with this esteemed community of visionaries, we aim to drive innovation, foster trust, and unlock new possibilities for businesses worldwide. Together, we will shape the future of decentralised solutions, empowering enterprises to thrive in the digital era.” 


Web3 Labs

“Joining Hyperledger Foundation marks a significant milestone for Web3 Labs in propelling blockchain innovation,” stated Conor Svensson, CEO and Founder of Web3 Labs. “Our ongoing contributions to Hyperledger Besu, coupled with our support services for enterprise Ethereum, reinforce our commitment to elevating Ethereum technology within the enterprise and the Hyperledger community. Our commitment to Besu is complemented by Chainlens, our Blockchain and Appchain Explorer, providing businesses with the analytics they need to work with on-chain assets and decentralised networks. We’re thrilled to collaborate with industry pioneers and enterprises within the Hyperledger community, shaping the future of open blockchain technologies and driving widespread adoption.”


About Hyperledger Foundation

Hyperledger Foundation was founded in 2015 to bring transparency and efficiency to the enterprise market by fostering a thriving ecosystem around open source blockchain software technologies. As a project of the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Foundation coordinates a community of member and non member organizations, individual contributors and software developers building enterprise-grade platforms, libraries, tools and solutions for multi-party systems using blockchain, distributed ledger, and related technologies. Organizations join Hyperledger Foundation to demonstrate technical leadership, collaborate and network with others, and raise awareness around their efforts in the enterprise blockchain community. Members include industry-leading organizations in finance, banking, healthcare, supply chains, manufacturing, technology and beyond. All Hyperledger code is built publicly and available under the Apache license. To learn more, visit:


About the Linux Foundation

Founded in 2000, the Linux Foundation and its projects are supported by more than 2,950 members. The Linux Foundation is the world’s leading home for collaboration on open source software, hardware, standards, and data. Linux Foundation’s projects, including Linux, Kubernetes, Node.js, Hyperledger Foundation, RISC-V, and more, are critical to the world’s infrastructure. The Linux Foundation’s methodology focuses on leveraging best practices and addressing the needs of contributors, users, and solution providers to create sustainable models for open collaboration. For more information, please visit us at