We have introduced new features on the SDAX platform that will enhance the speed and security of your transactions on SDAX.

To speed up processing time for our SDAX Exchange members, we have introduced the following two features:

(1) PayNow:
You can now fund your SDAX wallet via PayNow. Please refer to instructions here for your next funding.

(2) Virtual Account Numbers (VAN):
A Virtual Account Number (VAN) has been set up for you – this is an unique account number set up at our Custodian (HydraX) and at DBS, which is specially created for you and will not be used by any other client. This unique VAN set up for you works like an ordinary bank transfer, but is linked directly to your SDAX wallet.

By using your VAN for your next wallet funding, it will boost the speed and security of processing and your deposits will be reflected on your SDAX wallet within minutes.

Please refer to instructions on VAN for bank transfers.

For DBS/POSB account holders, to add a VAN for foreign currency and on the payee list in your bank account, simply add the payee (Hydrax Digital Assets Pte Ltd) as a Corporate Recipient. Under the ‘Pay & Transfer’ tab, either:

  • Add ‘Local Recipient’ and select ‘DBS Foreign Currency Corporate Account’; OR
  • Select ‘Overseas’, then ‘Add Overseas Recipient’, and finally, ‘Singapore’.

Please do reach out to your relationship manager or to us at [email protected] if you require any assistance.

Yours Sincerely,