APAC takes the Spotlight in the Issuance of ‘S’ Bonds

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As Environment, Sustainability and Governance issues gain more importance globally amongst government and companies/ organisations due to climate change with the strive to achieving net zero, there is equal attention given to investment products with an ESG theme globally.


In recent years, the ‘S’ in ‘ESG’ labelled bonds has not only gained much attention but have seen a substantial increase in its issuance in the Asia-Pacific (APAC). The increase in the issuance of Social Bonds in APAC has been as much as 94% over the past 3 years, compared to a 52% decline globally ex-APAC (Source: Article by Intercontinental Exchange Inc. [ICE] – ‘The rise of ‘S’ Bonds in Asia-Pacific’; April 2024)


Find out which countries in Asia are leading the way in the issuance of Social Bonds and how APAC is closing the issuance gap of ESG-Labelled bond issuance in the report ‘The rise of ‘S’ Bonds in Asia Pacific’ by ICE. Read about how some companies from the UK have social bonds like LiveMore which provides first lien mortgages to the 50-90+ age demographic, helping to improve financial inclusion, reducing inequalities and making later life lending more sustainable.