Gain an edge over your competitors, access liquidity from a larger pool of global investors.

Seamless solutions for capital management, to help you grow your business.

Reimagine how capital can be accessed.

We understand managing the capital needs for business can be a tedious and long process. However, with tokenization via blockchain, SDAX Exchange, working with other capital market intermediaries in the SDAX Financial Group ecosystem can help you optimise your capital management on an ongoing basis.

Redefining Capital Markets

SDAX provides an ecosystem for managing your capital needs through a marketplace for security tokens and secondary trading of digital assets. Through SDAX, your business can leverage can benefit from the digitization of your securities and assets. 

Traditional Securities Digital Securities
Tedious time consuming process.

Trades across borders complicated. 

Inefficient processes.

High cost
Fast and seamless process
for issuance of new securities.

Cross-border transactions streamlined. 

Efficient digital processes.

Lower cost 

What exactly is Digital Securities? 

Digital securities can be used to represent ownership in financial instruments such as equity, debt or real assets. This digital representation of securities is also still subject to traditional securities laws, while promising easier and possibly, fully automated compliance solutions. 

What are Security Tokens?

Security tokens are digital securities which may include equity interests or debt instruments in the form of digital tokens. Companies seeking access to liquidity from a larger pool of global investors can leverage on SDAX platform to securitise real and financial assets into digital tokens, known as “Security Tokens”, for listing and trading on SDAX.

Benefits of using digital securities to manage capital needs

  • Issuance of new securities in weeks.
  • Reach larger pools of investors globally. 
  • Reduced cost due to shortened process.

Complete Ecosystem

For businesses, SDAX provides an ecosystem for accessing capital through tokenization and trading of security tokens.