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Access products typically only available to institutional investors.

Investment types on SDAX

Real Estate

Be a fractional owner of consistent yielding real estate properties in Asia.

Real Estate Funds

Invest in a wide variety of real estate opportunities not found in the public markets.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

By directing capital towards companies that pay attention to ESG issues, investors can help to build a more sustainable future.

Private Credit

Invest in private companies looking to borrow in order to expand operations.

Illiquid / Exotic assets

Invest in traditionally illiquid assets, such as fine art, vintage wine and other luxury goods.

Private Equity

Invest in debt that has been customised with investor needs in mind. Invest in private companies looking to borrow in order to expand operations.

With In-demand themes curated to suit your interests.

Inflation Hedges

Short term cash returns

ESG Impact


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 Types of accounts 

Individual Accredited Investor

Income in the preceding 12 months of not less than SGD 300K or,
Assets (net of any related liabilities) in excess of SGD 1M or,
Personal net assets in excess of SGD 2M.

Corporate Accredited Investor

Company's net assets exceeding SGD 10M in value or;
Company's entire share capital is owned by one or
more persons, all of whom are accredited investors.

For Investors

Open yourself to a wider range of assets by starting your investing journey in digital securities.

Easily manage your investment portfolio with

  • instantaneous views of your trades and balances
  • both real-time and historical data
  • seamless all-in-one dashboard
  • secured institutional grade platform
  • swift settlement in seconds powered by blockchain

Digital Securities

Seize the growing blockchain-powered opportunity.

Digital Securities:

 Invest easily and securely with an industry leader.

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Register online, once your account is opened, you will receive an email confirmation and may begin logging into your account on SDAX’s platform. Enjoy a seamless digital onboarding experience with us.

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Find and invest in projects that were previously unreachable. Diversify your portfolio by adding a small fraction of different asset classes.

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Once you have deposited funds to your wallet you can start investing. Trades are typically settled in seconds.

Receive your digital tokens

Once the transaction is completed, you will receive your digital tokens. Your digital securities are safe with decentralized and encrypted private key management.

Track and trade

Track your portfolio and get notified of dividend payments, which will be automatically paid out. You can also trade your tokens on the SDAX exchange in exchange for cash.

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  • min investment amount $100 per token
  • interest rate 3.5%