Full-Suite Services


Primary market issuance platform

Digital securitization of assets on the blockchain provides greater access to capital, increases efficiency of capital raising, and automates corporate housekeeping processes such as maintenance of share registry and execution of corporate actions.

Secondary market trading venue

A regulated trading venue for tokenized assets provides investors with access to unique investment opportunities payment and settlement are instant and direct.

Major advantages of tokenization are:

1. The token cannot be reversed back to the original value.
2. The token maintains the same structure and data type as the original value.
3. Tokenization and encryption are distinct processes and technologies, even though they are closely related. If the token is an encrypted value it’s encryption, not tokenization.

End-to-end full spectrum enterprise-grade Exchange Solution

SDAX is your trusted gateway to the digital asset capital markets. 

A full suite market white-label solution, ready to be launched, built on blockchain technology that offers counterparties an efficient and secure platform to trade digital assets.

For Investors

Open yourself to a wider range of assets by starting your investing journey in digital securities.

Easily manage your investment portfolio with

  • instantaneous views of your trades and balances
  • both real-time and historical data
  • seamless all-in-one dashboard
  • secured institutional grade platform
  • swift settlement in seconds powered by blockchain

Digital Securities

Seize the growing blockchain-powered opportunity.

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