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Rising Property Prices: Will Co-Living Operators Benefit?

Property prices are increasing faster than rents, driving more millennials and young professionals to the rental market and co-living rather than purchasing.

Will operators of co-living spaces benefit from this trend? How will more co-living spaces affect 2022’s residential property rental outlook?

the secret behind co-living spaces

What Successful Co-Living Spaces Look Like

Want to understand the evolution of co-living? Co-living spaces are breathing new life into older residential properties through a facelift. In cities where student accommodation has been under built, co-living spaces has become a good option for investors.

What are the attributes that make co-living spaces successful?

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Singaporeans Are Moving Into Co-Living Spaces

A new trend is making waves in Singapore – the young generation is choosing co-living spaces. An increasing number of locals want more space and privacy.

Demand for co-living spaces has increased with the growth of disposable income of single professionals.

What are the factors motivating this trend and why should investors pay attention?

Co-living Tenancy agreements

Co-Living Spaces Gaining Ground

When living costs get too high in growing metropolitan cities like Singapore, HK, Tokyo – what options do young people have?

Co-living is a growing choice where accommodation is viewed as a service rather than an asset. Will this change be permanent

£34bn need yearly – The Spotlight Turns to Private Capital

Experts opinion that only through new capital injection from institutional investors, combined with an increase in grant levels from Government can overcome the sector’s current financial limitations. How will housing associations be raising the sector’s £34bn shortfall?

Decarbonising UK’s Social Housing

Residential buildings are the second biggest source of carbon emissions and the UK government has set a target to net zero carbon emissions on all homes by 2050.

How will housing associations achieve their targets of net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. And how will it impact their long-term asset management strategy?

Understanding The Housing Crisis In The UK

In the UK, one in 10 households in need of housing are stuck on council waiting lists for over five years as a result of the chronic shortage of affordable homes.

Can the UK government meet its target and produce 100,000 more affordable homes each year to meet UK’s housing needs?

Retail At A Turning Point

Retail is at a turning point. Quick turnrounds in rent is expected with the pick up of international travel, particularly for tourism dependent submarkets such as Orchard Road. Will the Orchard shopping belt see a revival?