Happy Chinese New Year

Learn how you can leverage on APAC property market trends in our upcoming webinar.


Will Ethereum Replace Bitcoin?

Backed by Greenpeace USA, a group of environmentalists wants Bitcoin to switch from its current method of mining to a more energy-efficient model. You’ve heard

£34bn need yearly – The Spotlight Turns to Private Capital

Experts opinion that only through new capital injection from institutional investors, combined with an increase in grant levels from Government can overcome the sector’s current financial limitations. How will housing associations be raising the sector’s £34bn shortfall?

Decarbonising UK’s Social Housing

Residential buildings are the second biggest source of carbon emissions and the UK government has set a target to net zero carbon emissions on all homes by 2050.

How will housing associations achieve their targets of net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. And how will it impact their long-term asset management strategy?

Understanding The Housing Crisis In The UK

In the UK, one in 10 households in need of housing are stuck on council waiting lists for over five years as a result of the chronic shortage of affordable homes.

Can the UK government meet its target and produce 100,000 more affordable homes each year to meet UK’s housing needs?