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Will Ethereum Replace Bitcoin?

Backed by Greenpeace USA, a group of environmentalists wants Bitcoin to switch from its current method of mining to a more energy-efficient model. You’ve heard

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Rising Property Prices: Will Co-Living Operators Benefit?

Property prices are increasing faster than rents, driving more millennials and young professionals to the rental market and co-living rather than purchasing.

Will operators of co-living spaces benefit from this trend? How will more co-living spaces affect 2022’s residential property rental outlook?

the secret behind co-living spaces

What Successful Co-Living Spaces Look Like

Want to understand the evolution of co-living? Co-living spaces are breathing new life into older residential properties through a facelift. In cities where student accommodation has been under built, co-living spaces has become a good option for investors.

What are the attributes that make co-living spaces successful?

Co-living benefits

Singaporeans Are Moving Into Co-Living Spaces

A new trend is making waves in Singapore – the young generation is choosing co-living spaces. An increasing number of locals want more space and privacy.

Demand for co-living spaces has increased with the growth of disposable income of single professionals.

What are the factors motivating this trend and why should investors pay attention?

Co-living Tenancy agreements

Co-Living Spaces Gaining Ground

When living costs get too high in growing metropolitan cities like Singapore, HK, Tokyo – what options do young people have?

Co-living is a growing choice where accommodation is viewed as a service rather than an asset. Will this change be permanent